Poor and Needy Children at Sonapur Marine Lines

The year of starting : A Pilot study was conducted in the year 2008 May-June.

Area Identified: Marine lines Bridge footpath, First Marine cross lane, Second Marine Lines Street in 2008 June

Type of people: Children of displaced contract workers, Domestic workers children and women.

Type of work

  • Street children education
  • Coaching classes for under privileged children
  • Mahila mandal training program for women.
  • Networking
  • Counseling of children and women.


Hello I am Tejal I live on Marine lines bridge foot path. My mother died when I was three years old and my grandmother looks after me my two brothers and my little sister. My father left us to marry again. My grandmother sells seasonal fruit on the bridge sometimes I help her.The big municipal dustbin was my playground all day. Sister asked me if I wanted to go to school and I said yes, today I am in std. IV studying happily. We have classes in the morning at 9a.m to help us with our homework then we are given lunch by our sister she tidies us up and then takes us to school I love our sister very much. I take part in competitions singing, dancing, recitation "I love my teachers and school".


Hello I am Arun I live on Marine lines foot path. I have two sisters and a brother. Sad to say my father drinks and beats us up. We spend the nights in fear. Then one day Sister Doreen visited us and asked us to come to the Centre. We were happy to be out of our father's sight. My mother gathers old clothes to sell them. Along with my siblings sister encouraged us to go to school from 7am to 1 pm. In the afternoon after we are given lunch and listened to our sharing's about school . We have remedial classes to help us with our homework . It was and is very difficult for us to cope with studies. With emotional support of our sister and plenty of Love I am now in Std. 8th. I feel proud and happy to attend our lady of Dolour's school at Marine lines. Thanks to the sponsorship program my school fees are paid and I can study.


Hiiii I am Bharathi.I lived on Marine lines bridge foot path. My father used to drink heavily and beat us a lot for no reason. We spent many nights running away from him and used to hide. My mother was angry and left him taking us three girls along with her. My mother a flower seller in trains went one fine day to the school and asked Sr. Doreen (Principal) to enroll me and my younger sister in the school (English medium) she readily admitted us. I finished my high school and the 12th class and then sister advised me to join NirmalaNiketancollege for social work a prestigious college in south Mumbai. I took the challenge. With a lot of encouragement financial and emotional support I am happy to say I finished my Bachelor in Social Workand passed with a second class. Today I no longer live on the bridge but I look after my mother and three sisters who are studying in English medium schools. Thanks for the love, respect and encouragement received at the right time. I want to work for the underprivileged as I understand their plight.


I am Anita I live at first Marine Cross lane I have two children a boy and a girl. They go to our lady of Dolours school and their fees were sponsored. In 2008 July I was invited to be a part of a women's group in our area by Sr. Doreen who kept visiting us. I work in homes of families cooking and cleaning houses. I have no formal education. Being part of our group we worked for and got our ration rights. We were taughtabout the importance of making the Adhar card and availing of government facilities. I take part in dance, song, speech, rangoli competition on women's day program and festivals. Today I am an Animator of the group. I feel confident and happy that I have grown as a happy and a fulfilled woman.

Women's activity

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