Our Activities : Sisters of the Cross Masure

Activities Carried Out

Year of starting: 1992

Types of works :
  • Women's Self Help Groups.
  • S.H.G. federation meetings.
  • Opening new S.H.G. - 5
  • Exposure trip for women of SHG.
  • Training on capacity building and Panchayati raj.
  • Follow up of Boi gas, Goatry, warm culture etc.
  • Assisting people to apply for the Government scheme.
  • Cleanliness drive and awareness on conserve environment.
  • Health camp.
  • Tree plantation in the villages.
  • Talk on sex education and personal hygiene.
  • Support classes.
  • Advocacy with Government offices.According to the need.

Personal testimony of Mary Lobo

Hi I am Mary Lobo from Village of Masure. I am a widow, a mother of three boys. I come from very poor family. Life was not bed of roses in parental house as well in husbands place. My husband would stay in Mumbai for the sake of Job and I in native place with my children, mother-in-law and sister-in-law used to stitch clothes to support my husband, with little income that came we managed to fulfill our daily needs and lived a happy life.

The year 1991 brought great disaster in my life as I lost my husband in train accident in Mumbai. I was broken, depressed and in anguish. Life had become a burden to live with. I who used to be lively, sociable became closed and helpless. I felt my world was ended with this tragedy. I had no one to support, no one to console. I was soaked in the sorrow at my husband's death. I did not know what I was supposed to do, darkness surrounded me all round. I remained within the four walls for 2 years. My elder son was 5 years old, second son 3 years old and the third child was in my womb. Everyone discouraged me to give birth to the third child, but I did not listen to them and gave birth to third boy. How to bring up three boys was a question that worried me all the time.

When I was in this dilemma there came a ray of Hope when Sister Mabel, Sisters of the Cross, visited my house and found me fully down in pain. She asked me the reason why I was so sad and in pain I hesitated to open up my self since I did not know her. She continued coming to my house and spent time with me which helped me to open myself. Her loving and kind words touched my heart and I finally broken open the lock of my heart and poured out everything before her. She allowed me to share all my pains and sorrows and gave a listening ear and a shoulder where I could keep my head and weep until I was fully free.

Once I was out of it she made me understand the fact of life. She encouraged me to come out of my problem and face the world with courage. She read some Bible passages which made me reflect on the life of Jesus, how he died for us what pain Mother Mary went through. I started attending Mass, Prayer sessions especially on Fridays that gave me hope to live.

At the request of sisters I got job in diocesan School as helper. While working, sister encouraged me to complete my 10th standard as I had studied only up to 7th. I took up that challenge and started my journey of working as helper in the school, stitched clothes in the house and studied to pass my examination.

After the completion of my studies I was appointed a teacher in the same school. Meanwhile, sisters had started embroidery training which I attended it and learnt to the best of my capability. Having found me good I was appointed as a teacher in tailoring and embroidery.

Sisters always encouraged me to speak in public, helped me to face Government officers as a result I took up to public speaking. I participated in International women's day program and was able to fight for our rights.

Now I am a successful woman, all my children are well educated and settled with good jobs in Mumbai. I owe my gratitude to all the sisters who came to Masure and helped me right through till today. They have shown me the light which will never disappear from my life. They have loved me as their own and brought me out of my problems and made me a successful woman.

Once again I thank each and every sister who touched my life and made life worth living.

Personal Testimony of Miss Jacinta Lobo

I am Jacinta Francis Lobo from Masure, Coming from middle class family, my father worked in Mumbai and My mother was a housewife. She used to distill liquor since we were 8 members in our family. Though we would get good amount from it life was in danger since police would come any part of the day as well as night. This was also curse to our village as many men died at an early stage of life due to drink.

I am a fourth girl child of my parents and was not totally accepted by the father. I was disliked, not much cared by him as he wanted a boy. When I grew up I was admitted in the diocesan school which was up to 7th standard for further studies I had to change the school. The standard of the school was low though it was run by Priests. I was not good in studies and was not able to cope up during examination. I joined the coaching classes started by the sisters at the centre. Sisters took study of all the subjects with more focus on English as result I started liking this subject, I was able to study well and score good marks in the examination. Beside this Sisters carried out nutrition program through which I enjoyed a glass of milk and snacks.

Extra-curricular activities were conducted which not only gave book knowledge but all round development. I proved myself always best in all the activities. I completed my 10th in Masure. I thought I would not be allowed to study further but with the support of sisters I completed my 12th class as well.

The confidence in me helped me to enroll myself for D.Ed in Kolhapur. I stayed in a hostel and completed my training. Life was very difficult while doing my training but I persevered till the end. Now I am employed as a teacher in Sangli in a very prestigious school. It is an International school. I stay in a rented room with my friend. Though I studied in Marathi Medium I am doing well as an English teacher. I am to be honored as the best teacher.

The credit goes to sisters who took so much interest to teach me specially English. I am grateful to all the sisters who molded me and gave me a strong foundation, built up my skills and shaped my attitude.

I am successful only because of them. Thank you Sisters.

FC Bank information

Name of Bank : State Bank of India

Name of account holders : Society of the Sisters of the cross, Kolhapur Pune.

A/C Number : 34018765549

Branch Code : 2448

Address : State Bank of India, At post Dewolwada, Kattawadi, Masure Tal. Malvan, District Sindhudurg-416608

Tel : 08336-288832

CIF No : 87539522962

IFSC Code: SBIN0002448

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