Our Activities : DHARANGAON

Activities Carried Out

Health work through Dispensary and Mobile clinic: Providing curative and preventive medical care to the urban slum dwellers and low income groups of Dharangaon Township also creating health care consciousness in the rural villages through community health trainings and various camps.

Balwadi for tiny tots of the locality especially for the low income group of urban population. Enrollment consist of 60 kids every year.

Non-formal / supplementary classes conducted up to 9th standard for Marathi and Semi English medium. Preference is given for the poor and weak students of Government schools.

Spoken English and English tuition classes.

Tailoring classes for the youth

Women Empowerment through Self Help Groups and linking the women groups with the available Government schemes meant for the rural and tribal communities.

Village works:-
  • Farmers club and Drip irrigation facility.
  • Children's Parliament in the villages
  • Housing scheme for the Tribal families
  • Sanitation (building toilets along with the government scheme)
  • Setting up of Bio-gas plant
  • Self employment for women through making paper plates, goat rearing, poultry,…etc

Providing a Home for the Homeless

I am Kavitabai, living in a kacha house with my in-laws who are old, husband and three children. I work as a day laborer and meet my daily expenses.

Since my house has no protection from sun and rain, it was very bad to live in it at night. My children also are unable to study. I wanted to build a house and did not know how to go about it. I approached the sisters for help. They helped me to find out the government facility that is available to build a pakka house.

I collected money from different sources and started my house construction. Sisters helped me financially to build the house through the housing project.

I am grateful to the sisters who came to our help in our great need and they are helping many families like me who have no homes.

Thank you sisters for all the help you render to us and help us to stand on our feet by providing a home for the homeless.

Reaching Out to the sick

I am Bharati Sonawane. I am 25 years old and a daily worker in the field.

I used to get giddiness and feel weak while working in the field. I was unable to work so I went to government hospital and took treatment for the same. I did not find any improvement in my health.

At last I came to this dispensary run by the sisters who found out that my Hemoglobin level is low and that is why I was feeling tired and getting pain in my joints. Sister gave me calcium supplements and tonic to improve my blood level. Now I feel so much better and strong and able to work in the field daily with less discomfort.

Besides improving the health of the people, the sisters do a lot of work to teach us the importance of hygiene and cleanliness which are very essential to maintain good health.

I am happy that this dispensary is helping people to benefit from the services rendered by them.

When I was Small, you taught me to read

I am Charisma studying in 7th standard. I have started my tuition here in Pushpanjali Mission center, when I was in 3rd standard. Because of tuition now I am able to speak in English and score good marks in the schools.

I am happy to attend the tuitions classes conducted by the sisters. I thank God for the good work that the sisters are doing for the children by providing us with note books, school bags, exam pad and stationary.

I appreciate their hard work and the keen interest that they take to educate us.

FC Bank information

Name of Bank : State Bank of India

Name of account holders : Society of the sisters of the Cross, Kolhapur Pune.

A/C Number : 34249518336 Saving Account

Branch : Dharangaon

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